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cooking in the moment

Take the best of what the earth gives you and make something remarkable. It’s the definition of resourcefulness, and the essence of what inventive cooking is all about.

That’s Spire Farm-to-Fork Cuisine—the first restaurant of its kind in La Porte, where everything is made from scratch, using products only sourced from farms within a 250-mile radius of the kitchen.

Nothing processed.

Nothing packaged.

Nothing frozen. (except our homemade ice cream, of course)

the farm-to-fork reward

  • Fresher, higher quality food flavor and nutritional value.

  • A fresher menu—one that changes almost weekly and features true seasonal variety.

  • A restaurant business model entirely dedicated to our farming community and local economy.




meet Spire’s farmer partners

see where your meal literally comes from

a.k.a. the local food movement

For some, it’s about building up local food economies and the value of moving our culture toward sustainable living. For others, it’s simply about coming to the realization that fresher is better.

For many reasons, the belief in local food supplies is one of the most powerful grassroots movements underway in the last few years.


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